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Key Technologies

Richard Hoppel

IoT Technologies for the Present and Future




Data Storage and Integrity (Cloud based)

Data Interchange Formats


Operating Systems

Rapid Prototyping


Slack collaboration tools
Microsoft Teams Microsoft's new collaboration tools

Project Management

Agile development Principles Agile Development Principles manifesto
KanBan simple system for lean manufacturing Kanban Blog
Jira Atlassian for Agile Project Development

Internet of Things (IOT)

MQTT Software MosQuiTTo WikiPedia IOT Standards


Public Key Encryption PKE/Microsoft
SSH cryptographic network protocol for operating network services securely over an unsecured network
Transport Layer Security SSL/TLS cryptographic protocols
Multi factor authentication Google
Microsoft Lastpass
Authentication / Password Management Lastpass

Cloud Based Services

Amazon Web Services Atlassian WebApps WebApps/Microsoft Azure IBM Cloud website

Software Development


Python C++ Javascript Node.js Java HTML CSS PHP

Software Tools

Editors VSCode Atom
IDE Eclipse PlatformIO Eclipse Che Visual Studio Community Android Studio
Containers Docker

Hardware Development

Hardware Platforms

Arduino open-source hardware
NodeMCU ESP8266 WeMOS modules open source IoT platform
Raspberry Pi small single board computer

Circuit Simulation

LTSpice freeware SPICE-based circuit simulator tutorial
VHDL EDA Playground demo hardware description language

Development Tools

Agilent Discovery 2 OpenScope MZ

Learning Sites

Codeacademy Python Javascript HTML&CSS Bash/Shell Java Git
Coursera - Python Internet of Things Specialization Computer Science Engineering Digital Manufacturing